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 China's economy in figures  
GDP growth 1952-2015
Renminbi currency converter
Grain output 1978-2014
Foreign direct investment inflows into China 1984-2015
Direct investment outflows from China 1990-2015
Foreign exchange reserves 1977-2016
Trade statistics 1952-2014
Current-account balance 1982-2014
Gold reserves 2000-2014
Population statistics 1969-2014
China population clock

China's  inflation and deflation, 1978-2014
Consumer confidence index 2006-2009
Business climate index 2003-2011

CNY effective exchange rate 1994-2010
Entrepreneur confidence index 2003-2011
Consumer durables ownership 1990-2002
Latest RMB/CNY exchange rates
Macroeconomic climate index
Macroeconomic climate indexsignals
Money supply in China
Industrial output growth 1978-2008

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Basic resources
Constitution of the People's Republic of China
Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party
US-China WTO agreement
2003 USTR report on China's WTO compliance
Anti-secession Law
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